Logline: "Talladega Nights" meets "Ben-Hur" in a figure-8 track of blood, sweat, and mud. A comic look at swamp buggy racing and the cult of the mechanic-cowboy in a small southern town.

Genre: Action-Comedy

Synopsis: Burt Binges, a local barkeep, is a very frustrated man. Despite his many efforts, he can’t win the final race in the annual swamp buggy derby. An easy going slacker, Burt gets added pressure from his power-hungry father who wants him to run for state senator so he can pass favorable legislation to drain the swamp for an up scale housing project. Because of his tarnished reputation as a loser, he can’t get any satisfaction from Dolly Dunbar either. She’s this year’s “Swamp Buggy Queen” and acknowledges his chances would be better if he won this year’s race. But that won’t be easy. The race seems to attract the most alarming drivers. Eddie Fletcher, the reigning champion, has a three-generation junkyard in his backyard at his disposal for the sole purpose of building buggies. This year, rumor has it, the man has swung a deal with the U.S. Army and will be entering a tank. Chief Jackson, the local police chief, races a buggy equipped with a siren and flashing beacon and has been known to abuse his authority during a race by pulling over and ticketing his competitors. Craw and Holden Rabanowitz, the “rabbis of the swamp,” the mystery team of the races, are psyching out everyone with their aberrant behavior, a feat in itself considering who they're racing against. These characters, coupled with Jeep-eating guard dogs, beard judging contests, hoe downs, and free-for-alls capture the true spirit of the event with an “Animal House” sensibility.

"Yahoo!" screenplay by D.C. Copeland Registered with the WGA.

Other screenplays by D.C. Copeland: 5th Street, Bad Presents, Crown Jewels, High School Reunion Massacre, Lucky Bastard! A Family Film, Monster Mountain, Nokosee, Once Upon A Time In Harlem, Save the Children, Tree!, Victoria Parke.

Photo by "Demo Don" Landers at Go Fast Productions.


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